Tongs for Iberian Ham

When carving jamón ibérico it is necessary to hold every single slice until it is completely sliced. Then you have to put it on the plate to present your fabulous creation. This is quite common to do it with your own bare hands as long as you wash them first. In Spain, most of the people regularly don’t need any tool to grab the slice when carving the ham. However, when we talk about a professional carver, this changes. It is usually required to use tongs in competitions or food shows. By using them, it looks like you are an expert.

If you want to look like an expert and you don’t want to get your hands dirty while carving your iberian ham, take a look at this selection of tongs:




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41f7I26RPEL. SL1000  300x300 - Ham Tongs






Another option is to use plastic gloves instead of tongs. Actually this might be quite useful not only for carving the ham but also for removing the skin and fat from the ham. It will be easier to manage the jamón and your hands will remain clean. But please, after removing the skin and fat, change your plastic gloves and put a new pair on. This is quite important if you don’t want your slices to taste rancid. This is because the skin and the fat on its outer part have adquired that flavour after being over 2 or 3 years getting cured in a drying chamber.

You might be asking yourself how to differenciate the part of the fat that tastes good from the rancid one. That is quite easy. Rancid fat has always a yellowish colour. However, white fat is edible and has a fantastic taste. Do not remove this fat from your slice of Iberian Ham. This is where all the flavour is concentrated.



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