Iberico Ham Holder

Have you ever wondered about how Spaniards slice their Iberian hams? You might have seen any competition of Iberian Ham Slicers in Spain. Have you seen their tools? If so, then you might have seen a variety of knives, chairas and other things including a very special stand specially used for carving hams. That is an Iberico ham holder, a tool developed to place the ham properly and slice it up to get its best flavour.

There are many types of ham holders, all you need to know is the size of it and check if there will be enough space for your Jamón Ibérico. Depending on how pro you are, you might get one or another. Please take a look at our selection:





81n8uQC36yL. SL1500  300x251 - Ham Holder






elite inox black 300x225 - Ham Holder





jamonero 300x298 - Ham Holder






Why should you buy and Iberian Ham Holder?

Well, this question is easy to answer: there is no better way to slice up a bone-in Iberian ham. Hams are heavy and difficult to manage. Besides, they are fatty and if you have to grab it constantly, you will get dirty all the time with the lard and fat. But the most important point refers to precision. If you don’t use a holder then your slices will be uneven, some thicker than others.

This is not like the salmon carvers you can find in any Deli at Fairway or Wholefoods. We can guarantee that you won’t be able to get thin slices with the perfect size and shape.

The key element in an Iberian Ham Holder is not only that the ham is fixed to it, but also that the ham stand itself weights a lot. This way it is quite difficult to move the jamón ibérico while carving it, so we can prevent the carver from getting a cut or an uneven slice.

If you don’t have the money for a pro ham holder, we recommend that you start by using a simple one. Maybe after using it for some time, you will feel like improving your skills with a better one.



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