According to the article 222 from the Spanish law Ley 34/2002, from Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico, this web notifies in this section the cookie policy.
Definition of cookie

A cookie is a text file that a Web browser stores on a user’s machine. Cookies are a way for Web applications to maintain application state. They are used by websites for authentication, storing website information/preferences, other browsing information and anything else that can help the Web browser while accessing Web servers. HTTP cookies are known by many different names, including browser cookies, Web cookies or HTTP cookies.

Types of cookies in this web.

The cookies in this web might be:

  • First-party and Third-party cookies: first-party cookies are cookies set with the same domain (or its subdomain) as your browser’s address bar. Third-party cookies are cookies set with domains different from the one shown on the address bar. The web pages on the first domain may feature content from a third-party domain. Privacy setting options in most modern browsers allow you to block third-party tracking cookies.
  • Session cookies: a session cookie for a website only exists whilst the user is reading or navigating the website. When the user closes their web browser these cookies are usually removed.
  • Persistent cookies: a persistent cookie for a website exists on a users computer until a future date. For example the cookie expiry date could be set as 1 year, and each time a website is accessed over this period the website could access the cookie.
  • Technical cookies: technical cookies are used for controlling web traffic and data comunication.
  • Personalization cookies: these ones allow users to access the web with own features (browser, language, etc.).
  • Analysis cookies: these ones gather information about the behaviour of users.
  • Advertising cookies: these ones gather information about the management of advertising.

Deactivating cookies

You can allow or block cookies installed in your computer through the settings in your browser. This option is available in most of the browsers.

If you want to block or remove cookies, please note that the web page might not work properly.


Third-party cookies

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