Chorizo Ibérico


Chorizo is probably one of the most famous food products from Spain. In this case we are talking about the chorizo made from Iberian meat. Most of the time, Iberian chorizo is cured and not fresh like other chorizos produced for cooking. This way, you can cut some slices and eat them directly without cooking.

Cooking the cured Iberian chorizo is another possibility as it will provide your dishes with a unique touch and flavour. For example, by adding it to your scrambled eggs or your salad.

The recipe for making Iberian chorizo is unique to every brand. Some may add spices, wines or alcoholic beverages. But some ingredients are common to all of them: pimentón (Spanish smoked paprika), Iberian pork meat and Iberian pork fat.

Here you have a selection of different brands that produce this unique delicacy.


At the end of the page you have more information on how to enjoy this delicacy.


Chorizo Ibérico Brands

Please note that on the title of each product it indicates if the animal was fed with acorns. If nothing is indicated, it means the animals were fed with grass and grain.


Select any of these products from AMAZON.



Fermín: Organic Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota Orgánico / Organic Acorn Fed Iberian Chorizo


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Fermín: Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota / Acorn Fed Iberian Chorizo


91PHJrFwloL. SX522  - Chorizo Ibérico - Iberian Chorizo








COVAP: Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota Sin Nitritos y Sin Nitratos / Nitrates and Nitrites Free Acorn Fed Iberian Chorizo


71rrJSC3sZL. SY679  - Chorizo Ibérico - Iberian Chorizo














Covap: Artisanal Acorn Fed Iberian Chorizo / Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota Artesanal


51 CVSmbbaL. SY679  - Chorizo Ibérico - Iberian Chorizo















Covap: Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota Loncheado / Sliced Acorn Fed Iberian Chorizo


A1KqhtXdkL. SX425  - Chorizo Ibérico - Iberian Chorizo








Fermín: Chorizo Ibérico Loncheado / Sliced Iberian Chorizo


41ARh5KocUL - Chorizo Ibérico - Iberian Chorizo











Palacios: Iberian Chorizo / Chorizo Ibérico




41D0KmfwuvL - Chorizo Ibérico - Iberian Chorizo











How to Enjoy Chorizo Ibérico and Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota

This might be one of the most important questions to be answered, specially if you have a whole piece of chorizo at home.


Slicing Chorizo Ibérico

First of all, you should know hoy to slice it up. If you have the possibility of using a slicing machine, then there is no difficulty in adjusting the thickness of the slices. THe only thing you will have to worry about is not hurting yourself with the blade.

If you have no slicing machine, then you will need to use a sharp knife, with the right dimensions to be handled properly. It is better not to use a serrated knife as it will somehow shred the cut in the regular Iberian chorizoor in the acorn fed Iberian chorizo.

A good trick to cut the Iberian chorizo better is to cut it when it is cold. It will be a little bit harder, but the cut will be more homogeneous and you will get beautiful slices.

As you may know, cured Iberian chorizo can be kept outside of the fridge for some time without any problem. It also depends on the climate features. If you live in a region with high humidity or temperature, then you should keep it better in the fridge from the first day. On the other hand, if you live in a region with cooler temperatures and not so humid, the chorizo will last longer outside of the fridge. The idea is to keep this cold cut in a dry and cool room to recreate the conditions in a curing chamber.

Now comes one of the key factors to enjoy properly this cold cut, the thickness of the slices. There is no perfect slice, it depends on your taste preferences of course. But it is commonly said that the thinner a slice gets, the easier it is to appreciate all its flavour. We are not talking about getting a transparent slice, that is too thin in our opinion. As a reference, you can visualise how thick a business card is. In our opinion, the slice should be as thick as a minimum of 1 business card and as a maximum of 3 business cards together.


Presentation of the Iberian Chorizo and Acorn Fed Iberian Chorizo

Once we have our slices ready, it is time to put them on a plate. The decoration and the way to display the slices is up to you, there is no written rule about that.

However there is somethig we recommend insistently. If you have different cold cuts to be eaten such as Iberian loin, salchichón or chorizo, it is better to use different plates and not mixing all of them in one. If you mix them in the same plate, the fats and the seasonings will be mixed in the same bite and the experience will not be optimal.

Besides, temperature is another key element that determines the taste of the cold cut. Above we said that slicing the chorizo would be easier if the piece is cold from the fridge. However when it comes to the moment of eating this delicacy, the best possible way to do it is at room temperature. As the temperature in each room is different from one place to another, we will say that a good temperature would be between 20ºC and 25ºC (68ºF – 77ºF).


Different Ways to Enjoy this Spanish Delicacy

We have been talking about how to slice it properly and eat it like an appetizer with other cold cuts, cheeses or tapas. But Iberian Chorizo is much more than that.

As we said before, there is no perfect slice, it depends on the taste preferences of each person. For that reason, you might see this delicacy cut in dices to be added to a salmorejo, salad or soup.

Chorizo can be added also in a stew to improve the taste or maybe you can make a good sandwich with some nice bread, tomatoes and olive oil.

We hope we gave you some ideas to improve the experience with your Acorn Fed or regular Iberian Chorizo.




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